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The Forgotten Bridge

of Acadia

Duck Brook Motor Bridge, Acadia National Park

“The Forgotten Bridge of Acadia” is an organization dedicated to the restoration and maintenance of the original vista of Duck Brook Motor Bridge on Paradise Hill Road, as seen from Rt. 3 entering Bar Harbor, Maine. Although originally in full sight of motorists, over the years vegetation has so obscured the view of this bridge, the largest of its kind east of the Mississippi, that millions of visitors to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park have never seen it.  A restored view of this underappreciated hidden jewel would attract and welcome visitors into Acadia, and further enhance their park experience.


This website provides a platform of expression for those who have longed for years to see the view of Duck Brook Motor Bridge restored to its original beauty, and the education of those who are totally unaware of its existence.  In addition, this organization is dedicated to the proper maintenance of the bridge itself.  The restoration of the original vista merely requires landscaping and maintenance of the area between the bridge and the road, to expose the entire beautiful native pink granite bridge for all to admire. 


If you agree, please sign our petition.  Thank You.

Current view of the bridge
"The next time you leave Bar Harbor going north on Route 3, slow down after you pass the C&N Ferry Terminal and look to your left to see the magnificent bridge spanning the Duck Brook ravine."
Gladys O'Neil
"The Story of Duck Brook Bridge" in the Rusticator's Journal
Vista as Gladys might have seen it

Painting by Robert Hagberg

If they tell me you're on the other side
Of a bridge, strange as it may seem –
That you are on the other side and that you wait for me,
I will cross that bridge.
Tell me the bridge that separates
Your life from mine,
In what black hour, in what rainy city,
In what world without light is that bridge,
And I will cross it.

Historic Facts of

Duck Brook Motor Bridge

  1. The largest continuous concrete arch deck bridge east of the Mississippi.

  2. The last of the major bridges constructed in Acadia National Park.

  3. Built by members of the Greatest Generation.

  4. Built on land donated by John D Rockefeller, Jr.

  5. The largest road-related project in Acadia.

  6. The final project in completion of Paradise Hill Road, which provided a new entrance to the park bypassing the crowded streets of Bar Harbor.

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