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Sign the Petition

The Forgotten Bridge of Acadia is a member of our family. I am it’s voice. You may consider it to be a member of your family.  Please also be a voice for Duck Brook Motor Bridge, Paradise Hill Road:


  1. Sign the Petition to restore the bridge’s original vista from Rt 3, Bar Harbor and help save the bridge from continued obscurity.

  2. Become an Annual Member as a Bridge Foreman at $25 or a Senior Bridge Engineer at $75 or above, or an amount of your choosing. These memberships are not tax deductible. Send me your family’s short story and 1 or 2 photos.  I will post what I can on Facebook.

  3. Visit The Forgotten Bridge of Acadia on Facebook, and share with all your friends and family; and request that they sign the Petition and forward the Bridge’s Facebook page to their friends.

  4. Display your decal or bumper sticker proudly.

  5. Write and call to voice your concern that Duck Brook Motor Bridge, Paradise Rd has slipped into obscurity by being completely obstructed from view. Please make your voice heard. Request assistance in returning the view of Duck Brook Motor Bridge in Acadia to it’s original vista from Rt3, Bar Harbor.



Kevin Schneider, Acadia National Park Superintendent

P.O. Box 177

Bar Harbor, ME 04609


Mike Maddell, Acadia National Park Deputy Superintendent

P.O. Box 177
Bar Harbor, ME 04609


Brian L Hubbell, Representative

66 Park St

Bar Harbor, ME 04609

State House message line  800-423-2900

Walter A Kumiega III, Representative

36 Cedar Lane

Little Deer Isle, ME 04650

State House message line 800-423-2900

Brian Langley, Senator

11 South St

Ellsworth, ME 04605

State House Office Phone, 207-667-0625


Thank you for your support!

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